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Inter Projects Sports Meet 2014

Sports Meet - Torch LightingSports Meet - March PastThe Inter Projects Sports Meet, is a highly awaited annual event in the Diocese of Durgapur.  Here children from the six different child centres of Diocesan Women’s Fellowship for Christian Service (DWFCS), Diocese of Durgapur, gather together every year on 23rd January, birthday of one of India’s great freedom fighters netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, to partake in sporting events as part of their holistic development. 


This year too children of Durgapur Child Study and Development Centre, Inter-Faith Community Study Centre Bankura, Community Study Centre Purulia, Prochesta Asansol, Adra Child Study Centre and Raniganj Child Study Centre gathered on the morning of Thursday, 23rd January 2014 to compete and display physical skills in an aura of sportsmanship.  Chief Guest of the sports was Ms. Acacia Claiborne.  Mrs. Monika Bhattacharya was the Guest of Honour.


Sports Meet - Sack RaceSports Meet - Breaking TilesThe sports commenced with a march past by all the centres followed by hoisting of the national flag and oath taking by the children and referees.  This was followed by a beautifully choreographed Bharatnatyam western dance fusion on the theme India.  One of the major attractions was the demonstration of the martial arts of Taekwondo, where the children apart from displaying the difficult stances broke bricks and earthen tiles, some even with their bare heads.  The children participated in various track events for boys and girls and many exciting and innovative races for the younger ones.  There was a go as you like contest as well.   At the end there were exciting races for men and women of the audiences also. 


Overall it was a great event, where the spirit of sportsmanship was at its height.  We wish this event all the best and may it grow and develop in years to come, helping nurture the physique and minds of the children of our child centres.Sports Meet - Winners

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