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Tribal Awards 2014

Tribal Awards - TIMOTHEAS HEMBROM - Literary AwardTribal Awards - JAGANNATH BLASIUS MARDI - Best Social WorkerMore than 70% of members of the Diocese of Durgapur of Church of North India are Tribals.  The Tribal people of our country have always been major in our national life and culture.  India, post and pre independence, can never be completely and clearly understood without recognising the invaluable contribution of the Tribal communities.  In India’s social, cultural and political life the Tribals have contributed shoulder-to-shoulder with the non-Tribals, to take the country to its present state of excellence.


Diocese of Durgapur has always recognised this immense contribution of the Tribal communities and has worked over the years for the upliftment of the Tribal masses, who many a times are subjected to abject poverty, become refugees in their own lands and has suffered in various ways.  One of the ways, in which the Diocese tries to uplift this community is through its Annual Tribal Award Ceremony.


Tribal Awards - Scholarship to Tribal StudentTribal Awards - 6Like every year this year too, the Tribal Awards was organised in the Diocese on the Saturday, the 8th of February 2014 at the St. Michael’s School auditorium.  This year the Revd. P. O. Bodding Memorial Award in the field of social writing was awarded to Revd. Timotheas Hembrom, for a lifelong dedication in the field of writing and education.  The Revd. J. P. Hastings Memorial Award in the field of Social Work was awarded to Jagannath Blasius Mardi, for his outstanding social work efforts among the Santali Tribal communities.  The awardees with handed a certificate, uttaria and a cheque of Rs. 10,000 by Revd. Steven Andrew Bennett of Methodist Church of Great Britain, who was the honoured chief guest for the occasion.  The award ceremony was witnessed by more than 1,000 Tribal people of the Diocese, Diocesan members and international friends.Tribal Awards - 4Tribal Awards - 5

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